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Would you like to relax with your body and soul? You would be immersed to a beautiful world of travelling with our  travel agency: you could meet the real cossacks, explore their lifestyle and habits; visit ruins of ancient greek city — Tanais; enjoy the amazingly beautiful Orlovkiy district with its tulip fields and do a thousand more interesting things!

Don’t miss this great opportunity  to learn new facts and culture! Our staff will choose the best tour for you and your family. Using our web-site, you can choose the most attractive trip and suitable dates for your journey.

There are many interesting places in Rostov region. At first, you can take an excursion around the city Rostov-on-Don to see many historical places, wich are related to the first russian emperor Peter I, also a lot of wondeful mercaht houses and yards, «the old Rostov» streets. Then, you can visit old town-fortress Azov since it is the oldest place in Rostov region and is quite interesting.

Don’t lose the chance to visit the Rostov State Musical Theatre! Our musicians and singers are very talented, and every one of their perfomances is a msrvelous sight!

The Rostov State Philharmonic Center invites you to attend a large number of cultural activities.

Also our city is famous for one of the biggest zoos in Russia. Here you can find a great amount of rare andangered wildlife species and enjoy a special microclimate of the Rostove Zoo.

We wish you a pleasurable trip and good mood! 🙂

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